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Founded in Slovenia in 2007, we initially developed land-based casino software but pivoted to developing online casino solutions in line with market trends. This rich heritage has equipped us with a deep understanding of the casino industry, and what it takes to be successful in such a competitive sector.

Despite rapid growth, we always kept grounded, focusing on quality software, thorough knowledge, hard work, and commitment to providing the very best to our clients. By sticking to this ethos, we have helped many of our customers grow very successful online gaming businesses.

Today, we are a well-established B2B gaming provider with more than 100 satisfied clients, and we are still committed to providing our casino operator clients with excellent value through high-quality, completely reliable all-in-one solutions to help their businesses reach their full potential.

Our qualities
  • Agility
    Over two decades of experience in the gaming industry enable us to effectively identify your specific needs, and provide you with the best solutions and tools to achieve your goals.
  • Responsibility
    As a licensed reseller of games, we are committed to providing first-class support at all times, and all of our products have been extensively tested to ensure high reliability.
  • Flexibility
    We understand that each client is unique, therefore we will gather all the knowledge and expertise to find the best solution to deliver success.
  • Passion
    We are extremely passionate about what we do, following the latest trends in the industry we aim to deliver the highest quality product for the best prices in the market.
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