All about Progressive Jackpots available with our GameHub

How to simply describe Progressive jackpot slots?

For your players this can be one of the fastest options to get very rich with "a bit" of luck of course.

On progressive slots the jackpot amount rises as players place bets on such game. Another great thing is that the jackpot can increase without limits to the point where one players wins it.

Where does money come from?

1.) Player places a bet and a small % of bet gets collected by the progressive slot. This is called Jackpot Contribution.

2.) When thousands of players place their bets the amount of jackpot contribution grows, filling in the Jackpot Pool which is visible to players as the amount of jackpot they can hit when playing the game.

3.)  One very lucky player hits the spin button winning the entire amount of jackpot available and we got ourselves a Jackpot Win

What types of progressive online slots do we know?

Local – the amount of this jackpot comes from many slot machines linked together and contributing to the jackpot pool. Slots can be part of same casino, same operator or same software provider.

Network – the amount of this jackpot comes from many slot machines linked together. Unlikely as with Local progressive slots here the slots that contribute to the jackpot pool are not limited to a single casino, operator or software provider, meaning casinos from all over can help fill up the jackpot amount. Consequentially the amount of jackpot that can be won is sky-high.

Can you get jackpot games from our GameHub?

Yes of course. We have a variety of jackpot available from various leading game providers among them also progressive online slots.

Get all the amazing Progressive jackpots by Contacting Us.

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