Relax Dream Drop Jackpots available with BlueOcean Gaming!

July 7, 2023

We are enriching the offer from our existing long-term partner Relax Gaming by adding the provider’s unique product – Dream Drop Jackpots.

By expanding our content offering with existing partners like Relax Gaming, we provide a gaming experience that our operators are already familiar with. Dream Drop Jackpots serve as a powerful promotional tool, enticing both jackpot enthusiast and regular players to embark on a unique and uncharted adventure.

What makes Dream Drop Jackpots so special? It’s the most frequently dropping jackpot in the market today! Five progressive global jackpots, ranging from Rapid to the astonishing Mega, all wait to be won before they hit a guaranteed level.

So, buckle up and get ready to indulge in the extraordinary world of Dream Drop Jackpots.

About Dream Drop Jackpot

Five linked progressive global jackpots ranging from Rapid to Mega will be won before a guaranteed level is reached. The offering delivers an exciting product that is distinctive in the market, giving players a must-win jackpot experience every time they enter the Dream Drop jackpot feature within a game.

Dream Drop Jackpots brings high frequency, high value, and high action to the player community with a huge guaranteed 75% reseed value of both Major and Mega Jackpots on every win. The Mega Jackpot is capped at a prize pool of €3 million, providing huge and frequent wins as well as plentiful marketing capabilities.

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