Feature Triggering API - fast forward to the bonus game

February 2, 2023

Let’s get straight to the winnings!

Give your players a fast track into the in-game bonus feature.

Our newest GameHub feature, Feature triggering API, represents a new promotional tool for casino operators, giving them the option to grant their players a direct entry into the in-game bonus feature of the selected game.


  • Simple setup

An in-game bonus feature can be created through our backoffice by completing a simple form in which operators decide which players will get the award, in which game and time period, and finally what will be the expense of the award.

Eventually, operators that prefer implementing triggering to their backend or wish to couple it with their activation logic can achieve this by using addFeatureBuy API method as described in our integration documentation: https://blueoceangaming.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/iGPPD/pages/3028942849/25+addFeatureBuy

  • Overview of campaign cost

Operators have the option to choose between different promotion levels, number of players and consequently plan their campaign costs.

  • Available in all currencies, on desktop and mobile

Campaigns can be awarded in all currencies. And can be used in desktop and mobile versions of the games.

  • Available for selected game providers and games

Feature triggering API is currently available for specific games from the following game providers: Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Playson, and Relax Gaming. We plan to extend offering to additional game providers, that support such promotion tools, in the future.

  • Re-activate players

Did you notice that some players just miss the excitement at your casino and they lost interest to play? Feature Triggering API is a perfect solution to re-activate such players sending them directly to the most thrilling and rewarding part of each casino game – the in-game bonus feature.

  • Player retention

Feature Triggering API is a powerful promotional tool that can be used to attract existing player groups especially medium to high-value players. The excitement of gaining direct access to the game bonus feature will definitely attract regular and loyal clients, not to mention the guaranteed winnings.

How does it work?

Let's start with the setup in the backoffice. Operators must fill out the form by selecting players, game, time frame and cost. Players to whom the promotion was awarded must enter the selected game and receive right away the in-game pop-up informing them that they won a bonus game.

Alternatively, the same steps can be defined using API integration by calling giveFeature method.

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