GameHub game catalogue API gets updated with game provider logos

March 3, 2022

Our game catalogue API, a comprehensive list of close to 10.000 casino games, now includes game providers logos.

We released an update to getGameList functionality - API method that allows our GameHub operators to quickly build casino lobby as well as automate the process of new game releases, as the list gets updated with more and more content on daily basis.

getGameList method is part of GameHub API since its release back in 2012. Initially, it was a relatively simple method returning the list of games and their corresponding launch IDs, but through the years it got extended with various graphical materials, including desktop and mobile game icons, in-game screenshots, game backgrounds, followed by game descriptions and game types, popularity, expected RTP and more. The list also returns information on whether a game supports triggering of free rounds through API, whether a game includes jackpot, and coupled with getJackpotFeeds method it returns the current jackpot value of each game.

From now on, our operators can also get provider logos through the same implementation - by simply calling the same getGameList method. By doing so they will receive two types of logos for each provider:

1. Full provider logo, mostly suitable to include all game provider logos in the footer of the website, available in original colours as well as in dark and white version

2. Small (squared) provider logo suitable for game selection, available in coloured and grey version

Here are a few examples:

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