Leaderboard Tool – powerful promo tool available across BlueOcean Gaming solutions

August 8, 2023

BlueOcean Gaming Leaderboard tool is an amazing easy-to-use solution for creating and managing game-based promotions.

BlueOcean Gaming is proud to introduce its latest feature, the Leaderboard tool, a dynamic solution designed to manage game-based promotions. The new promo tool was first showcased at ICE London 2023 and is set to take the spotlight once again at the upcoming SBC Barcelona 2023 event where visitors will have a chance to compete in a tournament with live leaderboard.

Seamlessly integrated into our GameHub Tools suite, the Leaderboard tool empowers operators to effortlessly create and manage promotions, unlocking a realm of possibilities for enhancing player engagement and driving business success.

What sets the Leaderboard tool apart is its versatility and ease of use. Accessible across our extensive gaming library, boasting over 110 premier game providers and an ocean of 10,000 casino, live casino, virtual, and crash games, operators gain a competitive edge by personalizing promotions to target specific player segments. This level of customization not only increases gameplay but also delivers a substantial boost in turnover.

The Leaderboard tool offers a range of key advantages that can significantly enhance the entire gaming experience. It enables operators to gain deeper insights into their players, a better understanding of their preferences and behaviors. By segmenting players, operators can tailor their own promotions to specific groups, optimizing engagement and impact. Additionally, the tool empowers them to analyze the popularity of different games, helping to make informed decisions about which games to promote. Both new and existing games can effectively be introduced and promoted, attracting more players and extending their playtime, thereby boosting game popularity. Furthermore, the Leaderboard tool has the potential to increase the overall turnover.

Moreover, the Leaderboard tool offers a range of additional features that contribute to an enriched gaming experience. It is designed to be accessible across various devices and platforms, ensuring seamless engagement for players regardless of their preferred device. The inclusion of an interactive widget further enhances user interaction, providing more engaging and enjoyable gameplay. With multi-language options, the tool caters to a diverse audience, enabling players from different linguistic backgrounds to participate and enjoy promotions. Additionally, the Leaderboard tool provides a high level of customization through various skins and themes, allowing operators to align promotions with their brand identity and create a visually appealing gaming environment.

Our vision is to continually enhance GameHub by providing our operators with a diverse range of features and the leaderboard tool is one of them.

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