Introducing New Game Icon Formats: Enhancing GameHub's Automated game catalog

June 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of an exciting new feature to our flagship solution, GameHub. As part of our commitment to continually enhance the gaming experience for our operators, we are now offering portrait and square game icon formats in addition to the existing landscape format icons.

With this latest addition to our automated game catalog, operators gain access to a broader range of rich graphic assets for their casino lobby. The new icon formats provide operators with the flexibility to automate and customize their casino lobby based on their preferences, creating a visually captivating environment for their players.

To access the new icon formats, operators can utilize the "getGameList" method within the GameHub API. The updated images can be found under the fields "image_portrait" (500x800) and "image_square" (500x500). This method, also known as the Automated Games Catalog, has been a fundamental part of the GameHub API since its initial release in 2012. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive tool, providing operators with complete game descriptions, game information such as category, RTP value, volatility level, and a wide range of graphic game assets.

By leveraging the new icon formats, operators have everything they need to construct a stunning casino lobby that can be fully customized to suit their unique brand identity. For instance, operators with multiple betting sites can now utilize different icon formats on each site, allowing for distinct visual experiences across their platforms. This level of customization not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also helps differentiate the betting sites from one another.

The exciting news doesn't stop there! The newly introduced icon formats are also available across our White Label websites. This graphical addition adds a touch of elegance to the front-end design of our skins, ensuring a visually appealing and immersive gaming experience for players.

These additions align perfectly with our vision to continually enhance GameHub by providing our operators with a diverse range of features. We strive to make their businesses run even more smoothly, offering tools that allow for seamless customization and optimization of their gaming platforms.

For further information about our new game icon formats and other features of GameHub, please visit our website or contact our support team.

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