Wazdan releases retro style innovative audiovisual video slot Sonic Reels!

May 5, 2020

Sonic Reels is an original and exceptional slot that embraces what’s best in the retro style! It is equipped with 6 reels and 729 paylines. Fantastic graphics and animations make the slot really eye-pleasing while the vigorous sound effects additionally enhance the gameplay.

What about special features? The game is packed with incredible bonuses activated by pumpkin-speakers:

Free Spins – regular free spins for at least 3 Scatters

Left Speaker Bonus – players need to collect 5 red pumpkins to activate the bonus. After every win the reels shift over one to the right to increase the win. Each win increases the multiplier.

Right Speaker Bonus – players need to collect 5 green pumpkins to activate the bonus. If the player doesn’t get a win and there is a possible win, the pumpkin shifts the reels to the left to award a prize.

Thanks to Unique Gamble Feature everyone can feel like a real DJ. Vibrant colours, unique atmosphere and fantastic sound effects ensure incredibly pleasurable experience that’s nothing like what players have tried before.

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