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G produces games that look and feel great - they target a really important section of the player base, but one which doesn't get as much care lavished as it should.

About G games
G started in 2013 with the aim to make real money gaming more fun. As they've scaled to over 80 people and with a portfolio of over 200 games, they've produced a range of innovations, from skill to the latest big ambition - multiplayer. They serve a range of customers around the world from state lotteries and tier 1 sportsbooks to niche casinos targeting particular player segments. An unusual company, they're known for their irreverent attitude and quirky style, but at the heart of everything they do is a determination to offer a better experience for the gamer.
Key Features
  • Wins you feel. Paytables are built to give players meaningful wins
  • For the gamer. From themes to features, love to offer players an engaging
  • Mix it up. They like to surprise players with unexpectedly generous bonus rounds and power-ups that mean your play sessions never feel the same even within a single slot
  • Beautiful. They really invest in our art for games that look and feel gorgeous.
Integration with us is SIMPLE, FAST, CONVENIANT
  • Single integration & one contract
  • Access to more than 80 game providers
  • Automated Game Catalogue
  • FreeRound & Game History API
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