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ParlayBay is a provider of innovative sports betting titles.

About ParlayBay
ParlayBay was started in 2020 by a group of iGaming veterans that believes that innovation in sports betting has yet to reach its full potential. ParlayBay is introducing sports betting to game design. Our games are designed with game mechanics that are more commonly seen within casino and social games. To stimulate the never-ending thirst for entertainment, the player will be completely engaged and amused throughout the duration of the sports betting games. The UI/UX has been made the core of the company and its destiny to become the world’s largest sports betting games company.
Key Features
  • New unique innovative product suit within sports betting games – Nothing similar out there!
  • High Margin for operators, Parlaybay games will be more profitable than slots, their RTP will be 90%, as opposed to 95%-97% on Slots
  • They offer unique micro markets that are not available via a traditional Sportsbook, thus we don’t compete with firms who already have a Sportsbook offering
  • Game changing and immersive user experience with lightning fast gameplay. The best of casino and social merged with live sports betting
Integration with us is SIMPLE, FAST, CONVENIANT
  • Single integration & one contract
  • Access to more than 80 game providers
  • Automated Game Catalogue
  • FreeRound & Game History API
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